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これは、ギタリストのトミー・エマニュエル [Tommy Emmanuel]さんにお寄せ頂いた原稿です。 



1. Nightfly - Donald Fagen

I love this album for all the great songs and the fabulous production. It features some of Larry Carlton's most tasty playing and solos...The vocal arrangements are so good too. I love all the songs! It's an album that you can listen to over and over and never get tired of it...


2. Atkins Travis Travelling Show - Chet Atkins & Merle Travis

I love this recording for its authenticity of sounds and's one of a few recordings of Chet Atkins on steel-string acoustic...and what a tone and incredible feeling both he and Merle achieve on this landmark album. It features these two giants talking as well, which makes it even more exciting for the listener to hear them speaking about their lives and experiences. It was made in the mid Chet was at his prime as a player and Merle was older, funny and loose!


3. Songs From The West Coast - Elton John

This Album contains more good songs than anything to come along in a long, long time. It's Elton and Bernie Taupin giving us the greatest songwriting lesson of our lives!!! My favourite songs are.....ALL of them!


"Congratulations, Pooh, for 40 years of supporting wonderful players and music, and for always being a great friend to me." - Tommy Emmanuel cgp


1. The Nightfly - Donald Fagen

作品もプロダクションも含め、大好きなアルバムです。ラリー・カールトンのギタープレイが特徴的な作品ですね。ヴォーカルのアレンジもたまらない。どの曲も大好き! 何度聞いても飽きないアルバムです。


2. Atkins Travis Travelling Show - Chet Atkins & Merle Travis



3. Songs From The West Coast - Elton John




素晴らしいプレーヤーたちと音楽をサポートしてくれた40年間、おめでとうPooh。そして常に僕の親友でいてくれたことにも。  トミー・エマニュエルcgp



  Translated by Shohei Toyoda




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