これは、ハッピー・トラウム [Happy Traum] さんに送って頂いた原稿です。


Dear Pooh,

It's a big job to pick three albums out of fifty years of listening to music, but here are ones that had a big effect on my life.

"Brownie McGhee Blues" (Folkways) was one of the first blues albums I bought, when I was a student at New York University in 1958. As a result of hearing this LP I called Brownie up one day and asked him if he would give me guitar lessons. To my surprise, he said to come over to his apartment in east Harlem, and that started a friendship that resulted in many hours of playing together and writing a book, "Brownie McGhee Blues Guitar" (Oak Publications). We remained friends until his death a few years ago.

It's hard to pick one Bob Dylan album out of so many great ones, but I would say "The Times They Are A-Changin'" changed the way we thought about music and its power to move people. It stunned us when it came out, and continues to do so to this day. The times may have changed, but those love songs and political anthems are timeless.

I don't think there's a more joyful, exciting or musically profound pop record than Paul Simon's "Graceland." I still listen to it after all these years, and it still gives me great pleasure. I now have it on my iPod, and take it on walks near my home here in Woodstock. It positively propels me up the hills and makes the time fly by.

I have to mention my other heroes and their records that I've enjoyed over the years: Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, Lead Belly, Merle Travis, Mississippi John, Skip James, Robert Johnson, the Beatles, James Taylor... I could go on and on.

Congratulations, Pooh, for your 30 years in the music business! You have helped many American musicians by introducing their music to the people of Japan, and I, for one, appreciate your support and friendship. May you have many more years of success with all of your endeavors.

All the best,

Happy Traum
Woodstock, NY



Brownie McGhee Blues』(フォークウェイズ)は、1958年僕がまだニューヨーク大学に通っていた頃に初めて買ったブルース・アルバムの1枚だ。このLPを聴いた事がきっかけとなって、或る日僕は彼に電話をし、僕にギターのレッスンを受けさせてくれませんかと訊いたのだ。驚いた事に彼はイースト・ハーレムの彼のアパートに来なさいと言ってくれた。それから僕達の親しい付き合いが始まり、何時間も一緒にギターを弾いたり『Brownie McGhee Blues Guitar』(オーク出版)という教則本を共著したりする事になったのである。僕らの友達付き合いは、数年前に彼が亡くなるまで変わる事なく続いた。

本当に沢山の傑作を発表しているボブ・ディランの数あるアルバムの中から1枚を選ぶのは難しいけれど、僕は『Time They Are A-Changin'』を挙げたいと思う。このアルバムは、音楽そのものや人々に感動を与える音楽のパワーについて僕等の考え方といったものをがらりと変えた。発売された時、人々はこのアルバムの素晴しさに感動し、その感動は今日に至るまで続いている。時代は変わっていくのかも知れないが、このアルバムに収められているラヴ・ソングや政治的な歌の数々は、まさにタイムレスである。









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